DJ Bobby Burns boeken

He has been collecting vinyl since 1987. Experimenting with one turntable and an tape-deck at the time, he made mix tapes for his friends. Eventually saving enough money to purchase two decks and a mixer. After a few years spinning at an local danceschool, he earned his first official gig back in June 1996. Playing several hiphopparties through out the country, he gained respect warming up for huge names / acts in the industry, such as DJ Flash, DJ Kid, DJ Moortje, Postmen, E-Life, Romeo, Extince and Dignity.

February 1998 he was offered to play at the most popular R&B night in Holland at that time, "Pure grooves" at the club Sinners in Heaven, Amsterdam. This invitation was the ticket for his first residency in an Amsterdam club. Many gigs followed, Bartjay performed on parties where celebreties like Puff Daddy, Wesley Snipes, Lauryn Hill, Sisqo, Janet, Usher, De la Soul and Montell Jordan hung out. In 1999 he stayed over at his friends house in London and got infected by the UK Garage sounds he heard on local pirate radio-shows. He went downtown to collect some white labels and bootlegs, which he blended into his dj-sets for several clubs in Holland.

It took some time but eventually everbody on Bartjay's dancefloor identified with the UK sound in the dutch clubs. Bartjay got invited for innovating events hosted by dj Joost van Bellen, such as THE JUICE@Club Ministry, SPEEDFREAX@club NOW&WOW, BINGO@club More and Ted Langenbach's SUPERBIMBO@Maastheatre. Became resident dj for CROSS- OVER and NEED4SPEED(UK), playing alongside MJ COLE, DJ LUCK & MC NEAT, SPOONIE and MASTERSTEPZ during the Winter Music Conference in MIAMI (USA) 2001.

DJ Bobby Burns boeken

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