DJ Funk D boeken

With a sound a little less eclectic than Dyna and a bit deeper than Vato Gonzalez – he fulfills a unique niche in the scene with DJ set made almost exclusively out of bootlegs and productions of his own ‘Miami Records’ label. Funk D can be found usually bouncing around like a madman behind the decks and brings the vibe in an uncompromising and straight foreward manner. Mixing fast en aqurate like the rest of the crew.

His style varies from the typical ‘Dirty House’ records to a deeper and more international sounds. His records recieve absolute massive DJ support trough out the world (Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sanchez, Chuckie, Quintino, Jean & many more) – the 22 year old production genious keeps on making club bangers in a fashion that can hardly be captured by words, the only words suiting would be ‘Energy’, ‘Hype’ and ‘Bassline’.

With a clip on TMF/MTV, his own record label and a complete array of his own events in the eastern part of the Netherlands Funk is a promise for the future and receives the full support of our agency!

DJ Funk D boeken

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