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On stage the group was formed by Paul Elstak, Rob Fabrie and Richard van Naamen. They had hits such as: Father forgive them, Get down everybody, James Brown is still alive and of course The nightmare. After Holy Noise Rotterdam Records was born. The first release by the Euromasters is considered a classic nowadays. Rob left the group in 1992 to work on solo productions. Using the alias of Waxweazle

In the beginning of 1994 Rob set up 3 steps ahead with Peter Paul Pigmans. Later that year Rob was offered his own record label at ID&T. The first release was Legs by DJ Waxweazle. Many releases followed on the label including various producers. ID&T also supported the dj career of Rob and gave him the opportunity to play on Thundedome, Global Hardcore Nation, Earthquake and many other parties.

In 1997 he made the track Sweet Dreams (you bastard) and decided that he didn’t want it to be released as a Waxweazle production so the name Headbanger was born. With the famous Rotterdam Terror Corps he made the record Bangin your fist on Megarave Records. For more releases the new alias Alienator was made.

in 2001 Rob did a Headbanger album, a triple cd called Are u afraid of the Dark. The next album 'called Pray 4 Daylight' was released in 2003. followed by 'Serious Damage' in 2004, 'Apocalyse', and 'R-Evolution. His fourth album was 'Apocalypse' and his fifth R-Evoluiton (to celibrate 10 years of Headanger). Headbanger is still going strong in 2010 with the hits Fucking Headbanger, I’m a nightmare walking and numerous remixes and collabs.

1: What is your greatest achievement as a deejay?
That i’m still playing the decks( since 1985) And being able to play and have played all sorts of mayor events throughout the World and visiting so many countries through my music.

2: How did you come up with your deejayname?
Waxweazle: Wax is for Vinyl and Weazle means crazy: So vinyl crazy. Nowadays i play with cds because you can have more tracks with you and i have got a back problem because of carrying have record bags most of my life. Headbanger: I like to bang my head when i really like a tune.

3: Do you have a special message to all people who read this?
Be openminded to all styles and keep the hardcore alive : )

4: What is your favourite headphone brand?
I like Technics and Pioneer. It's comfortable and good looking. It has a good sound and the Technics: Can go very loud(but you don’t have to) and has a very good sound

5: What do you like to drink during and after your deejayset?
During the set most of time non alcoholic stuff, healthy stuff. Afterwarts maybe a bacardi cola.

DJ Wazweazle boeken

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