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Some may say he is the original creator of hardcore. If it wasn't for this man we would never have hardcore on the map like we do now. (Ex-Labelmanager of Terror Trax and Rotterdam Records!). Produced loads of records with among others like Panic, Lars, Scott Brown, Joey Beltram, Lenny Dee, Neophyte, DJ Distortion, DJ Rob, Bass-D & King Matthew, Rotterdam Terror Corps, etc. A true player to the game ever since, this man is constantly putting out new tracks, always original, always hard, and always in his own style for which he is world famous. Latest projects: the OFFENSIVE SERIES. A series of floorkillaz that will absolutely make you dance 'till you drop.

Played at every party you can ever dream of, but doesn't take his job lightly: every set is special, every mix is tight.

1: What is your greatest achievement as a deejay?
To get people who like different styles of music enthusiastic about hardcore, Decibel 2008 I rocked the complete as the last dj of the night. A lot op people still compliment me on this performance.

2: How did you come up with your deejayname?
I started as Paul Holy Noise, after that dj Paul (Rotterdam Records) and now it is my real name Paul Elstak

3: Do you have a special message to all people who read this?
Live everyday like it's you last day, life's like a dance

4: What is your favourite headphone brand?
Pioneer HDJ-2000

5: What do you like to drink during and after your deejayset?
White Wodka Red Bull and water

Paul Elstak boeken

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